Head of Vovchansky court of Kharkiv region urges judges to work for invaders – PGO

KYIV. May 12 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Head of Vovchansky District Court of Kharkiv region was notified in absentia of suspicion of treason for preparing for the creation of the so-called judicial body of the occupier, PGO reports.

"On the instructions of the first deputy prosecutor general and the procedural management of Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office was notified in absentia of the suspicion of the head of the Vovchansky district court of Kharkiv region for treason committed under martial law," the prosecutor’s office said in a message posted on the Telegram channel on Thursday reads.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the judge colluded with the representatives of the Russian Federation, who occupied the town of Vovchansk, Chuhyivsky district, and contributed to the formation of the so-called judicial body of the Russian Federation.

"In agreement with the occupires, the suspect held a general meeting of judges and employees of the apparatus of the Vovchansky district Court of Kharkiv region, during which, using its own authority of the court chairman, she persuaded those present to cooperate with representatives of the occupation administration. She also urged to take positions of judges and employees of the apparatus in the illegal judicial body of the Russian Federation", the report says.

In addition, according to the prosecutor’s office, at the meeting the head of the court said that it would be possible to receive financial assistance of 10,000 Russian rubles from representatives of the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation for administration of justice in conditions of war.

"The suspect noted that the Russian military are ready to cooperate and assist in the functioning of the ‘judicial body of the Russian Federation’ and do not pose any threat," the report emphasizes.

The pretrial investigation in the criminal proceedings is carried out by investigators of the second investigative department of the territorial department of the SBI, located in the city of Poltava, operational support – the second operational department of the territorial defence department of the SBI in Poltava and the SBU department in Kharkiv region.


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