Milley: Accountability for use of weapons, ammunition by Ukrainians is loss of Russians on battlefield

BRUSSELS. Sept 19 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army General Mark Milley is confident in the reliability of the accountability of Ukrainians for the received weapons and ammunition. The real proof of this is the losses of the Russian aggressors on the battlefield.

Milley said this at a press conference on Tuesday after the meeting of the Contact Group of the Defense of Ukraine, which was held in Ramstein (Germany), answering the relevant question.

He said they have a lot of accountability tools, various systems, though they are not perfect, because they do not have people with their [Ukrainian] units. Therefore, Milley said, they wouldn’t be able to see and count with confidence every available weapon and ammunition, but there are many ways of reporting through the reporting system.

Milley also said that in Kyiv, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also has liaison officers. Therefore, they are confident that they have a fairly decent responsibility for weapons and support that they, the United States and other countries, have provided to Ukraine. The real proof of accountability is, according to him, the destruction of the Russian army.


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