Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands sign agreement on supply of weapons to Ukraine within Ramstein framework

KYIV. Sept 19 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Czech Republic has agreed with Denmark and the Netherlands that, with their financial support, it will supply Czech weapons to Ukraine.

According to the Czech Defense Ministry, Deputy Defense Minister Daniel Blažkovec signed a so-called Letter of Intent with the Defense ministers of Denmark and the Netherlands within the framework of Ramstein.

“In particular, it will be the supply of additional tanks, howitzers, small arms, infantry fighting vehicles, air defense and electronic warfare equipment or ammunition from the enterprises of our defense industry,” Blažkovec explained.

It is noted that the goal is to establish long-term cooperation and support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The first subproject is the transfer of 15 upgraded T-72 main battle tanks, which will be sent to Ukraine in the near future.

“This agreement will mean huge benefits for the further development of the Czech defense industry and for the security of the Czech Republic as such. Thanks to this, Czech gunsmiths will become more competitive on the world market. At the same time, these will be projects with greater economic benefits for the Czech Republic, including employment opportunities for our citizens,” the Deputy Defense Minister stressed.

For the Czech Republic, this is not the first project in which it supplies weapons paid for by another state. As part of a trilateral project with the United States and the Netherlands, 45 (out of 90) upgraded T-72 tanks have already left for Ukraine.


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